How much does it cost to build a chicken house

How much does it cost to build a chicken house – This video is the second part of building a chicken coop, in the first video I built the frame on the roof, and in this part I will start making a hen house. The four chicks from the first video are growing rapidly.

We got them one day ago and it turns out that they all don’t keep all these men, so we have four more chicks, but this time we made sure.

So we know that our hens have started with the floor of the henhouse by installing some horizontal buttons I need to inlay the floor to be flush with the front of the mainframe so I’m using some shorter scraps to fill it in and for the floor I use structural plywood 12 its not weatherproof but it shouldn’t be exposed I’m sealing the edges anyway because Some extra protection can’t hurt even though the chicken is not heavy I decided to add another nail across the center just to strengthen the floor a little bit Now

How much does it cost to build a chicken house

I’m adding some horizontal buttons to create openings for some doors and windows I’m adding a piece again to clean the face of the frame but this time I’m going to make up about half an inch to create a discount for the doors to sit Fill in the top section to add Some buttons before installing the plywood from the inside, and then I will Guest weatherboards to finish it off the sides will have windows This side will have a panel under the window and on the other side there will be an overlap box at the bottom I am replacing the buttons again to create a discount for the window

The inner wall of the hen is just a panel of plywood across everything these panels add some strength to the mainframe and stop it from the shelves I just work on a lot of This is while I go and fix where I can from wherever it works better.

This main post was always coming out It was easier to build the finished board like this then cut it off after that This is the chicken well on my way then I’m going back to the workshop to start creating some windows but before I do, I’m excited to announce Father’s Day discounts for the mob where You can get your first pass throughout the month for nearly zero cost for $ 0.99 inside the mob Not only will you learn from my lessons, but also get exclusive access to over 80 carpentry projects from top YouTube makers like Jimmy Derista, Samurai carpenter Eliam Hoffman, Frank Howarth, and John Heys who now live all of our projects in a crowd. Maker If you are watching this video before the end of Father’s Day holiday, then this show is still Available simply click on the link in the description below and we’ll see you all there from the inside Use half the joints to join the windows this will make them strong and keep them square As for the glass,

I have this old clear panel that scratches a little bit and the ants made a home here all but it would be perfect for this use It was not so easy to cut the knife but in the second I used the table saw outside the camera That’s much easier now I cut some beads out of an old hardwood sheet to install the glass in place instead of going out and buying clear silicone which would have been more convenient I use this gray that I already had and make sure you be careful and don’t get it all over the middle bead is just for display but

I think it looks good and deserves that little bit From the extra effort I waited for them to sit before turning the window and then fixing the beads on the other side as the nails went through and in the back of the opposite beads I didn’t fix the rail under the second window so I did that finished when I installed the nesting box below Now the windows are finished I’m going to start making the doors that go up to the hen house I’ve already collected because it Made Like windows and these doors are actually two doors with one inside the other I have a pile of these old weather panels so I’m taking advantage of it

Decorating the doors a little I know someone is going to comment on how to use a saw here but I can assure you that I’m safe as I hope every part of my body is to the right of the saw and not reach in front of the blade looks strange some The thing from the angle of the camera, the fit, the top panel, I trimmed it first, saw the camera outside on the table, open the outside door to get to the hen house, and the inner door, open – some cross ventilation on hot days, the inner door could be left open, and that’s why the net is installed, these barrel screws are not really very good.

He used the same method as I used to other doors The idea of ​​the deep litter method is to keep adding layers to get to the hen house and after 6 to 12 months the bedding can be removed compost and this is the purpose of the whole door We use this method with our last collaboration and it works very well and surprisingly it has no smell at all I had to cut a piece either end of the station to let Why Run the top two doors that pick up at the top of the doors is just a temporary measure now to the nest box here all the bits and I prepared the ones out of the camera

I cut and painted these plywood panels to fill the frame and I’m going to attach those with construction adhesive and nails Brad one thing I had to do differently was to put the nesting boxes higher to let the deep litter I was thinking more of the kids So I put this thin strip of wood and I actually changed that later to get a longer piece though still there is a lot of room for the chickens to get to the nests easily

This is a complete nesting box so then I’ll cut a hole for the chickens to get to the house It’s time now to wear it a little bit by adding some weather panels I thought about installing A net at the top of the inner wall but there would be a slight chance of side rain coming in so I decided to fill it with plywood now I’m going to start adding a net to the barn but first I’m going to add a barrier along the way that will stop the goats from pushing and destroying the net if I need to add another rail later that came out neat and it was easier to keep it flat than I thought It will be after this