Supermarket Sweep 2020

Supermarket Sweep 2020 – Nineties nostalgia officially peaked іn July 2020 whеn Netflix added thе mоѕt addicting shows frоm thе decade tо thеіr streaming service. It didn’t tаkе long fоr thе оld episodes оf Supermarket Sweep tо bесоmе а hit wіth а nеw generation.

Fans еvеrуwhеrе аrе falling іn love wіth thе grocery store game show’s bright-colored sweatshirts, animated host David Ruprecht, аnd major cash prizes–there’s еvеn а reboot season оf thе show premiering October 18th оn ABC. Whіlе wе aren’t ѕurе whаt сhаngеѕ аrе coming tо thе revamped show, here’s а lооk аt whаt wе *do* knоw аbоut thе future оf Supermarket Sweep rіght now—and whаt іt takes tо bе а contestant.

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Supermarket Sweep

Lois takes off with a 20-second lead. – That’s not a cucumber. – She went to get a cucumber, and it was not a cucumber. That’s okay. At least she continued. That’s right, grab the inflatable. Start putting stuff in your basket. You’re wasting time. – Come on, Jaleah! – There goes Jaleah for Team Biscuits!All right, Jaleah, let’s go. Let’s show ’em how it’s done. That’s right, Jaleah ain’t messing around. She got $35 of honey. Let’s go, girl. What is she doing?- Mm, these bitches is heavy. –

Ryan from Team Wings joins the race!- Come on, Jaleah! – Man, he is going fast. That’s right, Ryan, go for the expensive meats, baby! ‘Cause you know Leslie love the meats. – Oh, thank you. – Lois, you so nice, moving that inflatable. – – Jaleah!- Look at Jaleah basket. Get it! That’s right, Jaleah! She got that watermelon. – Now I can’t see. – – Get out of the way. Get out the way. – Jaleah is bossy. You guys, the Green Giant Triple Bonus is still available. That could be a $300 donut. ♪ ♪- This is heavy. – Look at Jaleah. – Oh, shoot. – Ooh, that spatula’s on my list. Look at this fool with the inflatable. She’s dropping the watermelon. Get it together, girl!- Rich’s roses, $300.

– Oh, he gonna have to wait on those roses. – All right, you looking for roses I take it, right?- Yes, I’d like some roses, please. A dozen roses, please. – Oh, let me see. Where can I find some roses?- You got it, Jaleah! – Kick the damn watermelon!- I got it! – Ooh, collision!- Ah, here they are right here. – Thank you so much. – Wait a minute. Team Sugar coming in. – Ah!- The golden cans are in aisle one. Aisle one for golden cans. – Golden cans is aisle one, Jaleah!- Okay!- Aisle one, and then go to the mechanical stuff. Right, right, right, right, right! – Ooh, Lois is going for the candy. – Jaleah, 40 second! – $300 right here.

– Give me the roses, Richard!- Wait, no, no, no, no, no. You have to come back here. – That’s hilarious!I think I said that to my first boyfriend. “Give me the roses, Richard!”- I don’t got time for you, Richard!- Here they go, here they go. Take the roses. – Get the cucumber!- Lois, there’s a cucumber over there!Cucumbers over there in the corner!Far corner! Far corner, cucumbers! – Cucumber for my list! And Jaleah got one!- Ten seconds, Ryan!- Grab it all, Lois. – Lois going for the roses.

What are you doing?- I don’t see it! I don’t see it! – Lois is still waiting! – Come on, come on!Come on, come on, come on! – She got the roses! And he got the golden can at the buzzer! Yes! – Whoo!- We got it all. – That was a run for the– that was a run. – That did not go as planned, J3sus. – That went so fast. 00:02:59. 721,00:00:00. 000