13 Miracles of Tahajud Prayer

Miracles of tahajjud – We never tire of providing updates on Islamic studies that we think are very useful for all of you including me personally. If we have previously discussed the procedure of sunnah rawatib prayer and also the method of implementation, in this good opportunity we will return to provide information on what are the benefits of tahajud prayer that you can get when you perform it diligently every night.  Allahumma Sholli ala muhammad Shollallahu alaihi wasallam

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Tahajud itself is one sunnah prayers that have such great glory and privilege for the survival of human beings, especially Muslims both in the hereafter and in this world. By performing the sunnah tahajud prayers regularly, of course we have tried to gain love and mercy from the Almighty God. In addition, when performing it, we have also done one of the most important sunnah of the Prophet.

There are many privileges of tahajud prayers that will be obtained when we as Muslims perform it regularly. And indeed it has been uttered also through the Quran Surat Al-Muzammil verse 6 which contains about the fact of performing tahajud prayers. Where in the verse it is explained that:


“Indeed waking up in the middle of the night is more appropriate for devotion and the reading of that time is very memorable. ” (Surat al-Muzammil: 6) that performing tahajud prayers is one of the most enjoyable and impressive things. Because we as performers of tahajud prayers can feel a calm, peaceful and happy life. In addition to the many privileges of tahajud prayer, with us often performing it is also said that we can be respected by humans, feared by enemies, humans, and jinn. Interestingly, People who are winged in tahajud prayers will also have “Qoulan Tsaqiilan”.

Where his speech can be heard and the advice he issued can inspire the spirit of worship for everyone who hears it and will increase his good deeds. Not only that, the privilege of other tahajud prayers will also make the prayers offered to Allah SWT very mustajab and is a very successful and successful kuci in trading, ikhtiar, and all activities that he does.

For people who often perform prayers. tahajud in the middle of the night in earnest will always be glorified by God in the way of “wujuuhun nuur” which means a bright, comfortable and pleasant face when viewed by others. Not only up there, there is another way that God provides that is with “Thiiban Nafsi”, that is, his nfasunya will only be given for obedience and also become personal with noble morals. Even “Manhaatun anil itsmi” is the removal of the desire for immorality in the minds of people who always carry out the nature of tahajud prayers.

With us always doing sunnah tahajud prayers in the middle of the night, it can be assured that we will get many privileges of tahajud prayers in this life. In addition to what we have mentioned above, sunnah tahajud prayers can also be an anti-dementia remedy for those who perform prayers tonight in istiqomah. In addition, the way of sustenance, ease of affairs, and happiness of the household will also be obtained by them (people who are always obliged to perform tahajud prayers in the middle of the night in istiwomah) .

The desire to perform tahajud prayers does come from oneself. without any coercion, but if the friends of niatpuasa.com have read the article about the privilege of tahajud prayers, it may be possible to immediately start doing it as part of our proof of piety to Allah SWT and also the Prophet SAW. And here are some benefits of tahajud prayers that can be obtained by everyone who performs them regularly.

1. Becoming a Bridge to Get a Ticket to Heaven

“O People! Spread the greetings, and share the food and continue the friendship and establish the night prayer while other people are asleep, surely you will enter heaven safely. ” (HR. Ibn Majah). That is a hadith related to the privilege of tahajud prayers that Rasulullah SAW said at that time to Abdullah Ibn Muslim. Thus, nothing is impossible when you always perform tahajud prayers at night for life in this world.

2. Practical Practices in the Hereafter

In addition to the above hadith, there are also verses contained in the Qur’an related to prayer tonight. Where in the letter of Az-Zariyat verses 15-18 it has been mentioned that people who always perform the night prayer or tahajud when others fall asleep in the middle of the night, God willing, will get a commensurate reward given by God when it will be in the hereafter. Where in the verse it clearly states that:

Indeed, the pious are in the gardens of paradise and in the springs, while taking what Allah SWT has given them. Before that, they had done good before (in the world), they were the ones who slept a little at night and at the end of the night they asked God for forgiveness). ” (QS. Az Zariyat: 15-18)

3. Means of attaining Glory

One of the privileges of tahajud prayer that is achieved by everyone who performs it is to obtain incomparable glory from Allah SWT. This was also said by the Prophet SAW through a hadith that means:

“Gabriel came to me and said,” O Muhammad, live as you please, because you will die, love the person you like, because you will part with him, do what you want, you will get the reward, know that indeed the glory of a Muslim is the night prayer and his need not to glorify others. ” (HR. Al Baihaqi)

4. Release of the Bond of Satan

There are so many privileges that will be achieved by everyone who loves to perform tahajud prayers. In addition to some of the privileges that we have conveyed above, you will also get privileges in the form of release from the bondage of demons or jinn. This has also been narrated by Abu Hurairah ra who stated that the Prophet SAW once said:

“Satan will bind the head of someone who is sleeping with a bond, causing you to sleep long enough. When a person rises while saying the name of Allah, then the first bond is released, when he performs ablution then the second bond will be opened, when in prayer the whole bond will be opened. He will also feel enthusiasm and peace of mind, otherwise he will be lazy and confused. ” (HR. Muslim)

5. Can Maintain Spiritual Health

When we are always routine in doing the most important acts of worship tonight will of course be a privilege that can be achieved. Which in addition to the privilege of tahajud daiats prayer, you will also be able to get a well-maintained spiritual health. Where this is clearly confirmed by Allah SWT by stating that people who always pray tahajud will always have a humble and friendly nature and a reflection of peace of mind in daily life.

Allah says, “And the servants of God Who The Beneficent are those who walk humbly on the earth, and when the ignorant greet them, they say good words. And those who spend the night prostrating themselves and standing up for their Lord. ” (QS. Al-Furqan: 63-64)

Miracle of Night Prayer

6. The Acceptance of All Prayers That Are Promised

The benefit of tahajud prayer or the most important night prayer is that he will immediately grant the prayers that you pray every time you finish performing tahajud prayers. This is because the tahajud prayer is a sunnah prayer that is performed on a third of the night until the time of the dawn prayer comes. And that is where Allah SWT always grants the prayers of his servants who ask after the tahajud prayer. All this has been said in the description of the following hadith of the Prophet:

“Allah’s command descends to the sky during the last third stay of the night, then exclaims, will those who ask (pray) I will surely answer, will those who ask , I will definitely give and if anyone expects forgiveness, I will definitely forgive him until the time of Dawn. ” (Al-Hadith).

7. The Rise of Degrees to a Place Praised by Allah

How much is not the privilege of tahajud prayers for the life we ​​will pass? The most interesting of all is to get a high and praiseworthy degree before God. Even in the Qur’an has also been included in the QS. Al-Isra verse 79:

“And on the night of prayer tahajudlah you as an additional worship for you, May your Lord raise you to a praiseworthy place.” (QS A1-Isra: 79).

Meanwhile, other information related to the privilege of tahajud prayers can also be seen from the hadith of the Prophet SAW narrated by Abi Darda ra, where he once said:

“At least 3 like human beings, Allah SWT loves them, smiles at them, and feels happy with them, that is, one of them is a person who has a beautiful wife and a soft and nice bed. Then he got up at night (for prayer), then Allah SWT said: ‘He left his pleasure and remembered Me. If he wants to, then he will sleep. ” (History of Ath-Thabrani).

8. Drawing closer to Allah

Things that will always feel good in life or in worship when we as Muslims are always diligent in practicing various obligations as Muslims and also the sunnah of the Prophet SAW is our closeness to the creator that is Allah SWT. It is also written in a hadith of the Prophet SAW who said:

“You should perform the night prayer because the night prayer is a habit of the righteous before you, worship that brings you closer to God, as well as covering mistakes and remission of sins. ” (HR. Tirmidhi, Al-Hakim, Baihaqi. Designed by Shaykh Al-Albani in Irwaa Al Ghalil).

9. Sinner

When you feel that you have a willful sin or not, Islam teaches to atone for it by repenting. For the procedure of repentance you can refer to the information on how to pray nasuha repentance that we have previously discussed. Returning to the special topic of tahajud prayers about the removal of sins that have been mentioned in a hadith that reads:

From Abu Umamah al-Bahili said that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “Do Qiyamul Lail, because it is the custom of the pious before you, the form of taqarub, the remission of sins, and the stumbling block of wrongdoing. ” (HR. At-Tirmidhi)

10. Being a Proof of Piety to God that is clearly visible on the face

Whether it is true or not, but many people warn that when there is someone who is always diligent in performing tahajud prayers they will be seen shining face. And it is also a proof that our piety in this world to the creator that is Allah SWT is really high.

11. The Mind Becomes Calm and Fresh

The next benefit or privilege of the prayer of desire that you can get is a much fresher and calmer mind. That way, all kinds of activities that are done every day will certainly feel more enthusiastic. This is inseparable from the waking up that we do for tahajud prayers. As we all know that the body certainly has limitations for activity, therefore it needs refresh and rest.

12. Acquiring the Love and Ridho of Allah

When many others are asleep in the middle of the night, and you actually wake up to perform the night prayer or tahajud, of course this will be admired by Allah SWT. And in return, Allah gives more love and pleasure to those who dare to leave their satiety in sleep to surrender to Allah SWT with deep sincerity.

13. The Most Afdol Prayer After 5 Times Prayer

And the privilege of the last tahajud prayer is the most afdol prayer performed after the five-time prayer which is an obligatory prayer for all Muslims. By performing tahajud prayers in the middle of the night, we as human beings will get a devout atmosphere while performing it. And at that time we as the implementation can complain about all kinds of grievances that exist to God. Surely everything you say will be heard and granted by Allah.

With you often performing tahajud prayers in the middle of the night, it can be ensured that life in this world and in the hereafter will feel more perfect. However, in order for the tahajud prayers that we perform to be much better, it would be good for us to pray after completing the tahajud prayers.

And for those of you who want to learn his prayers, we have already informed you about the recitation of prayers after the Tahajud prayer that you can use as a reference. Well that should be the information beyond the privilege of tahajud prayers that you can get hopefully it can be a useful mteri.

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