Shalawat Ummiyyi ~ Allahumma Salli ala Sayyidina Muhammadin Nabiyyil Ummiyyi

Shalawat Ummiyyi

Whoever prays eighty times on Friday, the sins of eighty years will be forgiven. It was said, O Messenger of God, how do you pray on you? He said: “Oh God, bless Muhammad, your servant and your Messenger, the illiterate Prophet

Prophet Muhammad Sow. Bresbda: “Who did Shula on him on the day you gathered Tesmaaneina, Marutan Gvirot, Lao Dzonubo, Tsamanyina Sanatan? Say, O Messenger of God, Kevash Shulato Alika? Say, you say: God is my God, Alaa Muhammad Abdo, and Rosolikan, noble, illiterate.

Meaning: Whoever reads to me eighty times on Friday will be forgiven the sin of the eighty times, the Messenger of God. He asked: How do you read Shalawat to you? Say: God the Shelli “Ali Muhammad al-Din” Abedika and Rosolikan, an international noble. (Narrated by Al-Dara Qatni and Hasan Al-Iraqi in the Book of Guidance of the Servants of Al-Esabil Al-Rusiyad)

Taslim eighty times his sins were forgiven eighty years and the worship of eighty years was written for him

the Prophet Muhammad Sow. Makanihi: God Shuli Ali Muhammadin Nabil Amyi and Ala Alihi and Salim Tasliman hear me Marutan Goverot Dzonobutuho.

Meaning: Whoever prays Ashar on Friday, before waking up from his place, he reads: God Ali Shili Ali Muhammad al-Din Nabil Amayyi, Alaa Alihi and Salim Muslim eighty years old, then he will be forgiven the sin of eighty years. Eighty years. (Narrated by Al-Bayhaqi in the book “Guidance of the Servants of the Esperian Rusayad”

in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. He said: “Whoever prays for me 1,000 times (a thousand times) on Friday, saying:“ God is free of Ali Muhammadin – Nabil – my blind. ” Meaning: Oh God, have mercy on our master Muhammad Sau. My mother’s prophet. ”He sees his god at night, or sees his prophet, or sees his place in Heaven. If you do not see that, then do that for two days Friday, three Friday or five Friday days (The Book of Pathology in the News – Quddah – The One-Day – the Prophet => Assi Sheikh Abdul Majeed Al-Adawi)


Khallad bin Katsir dies suddenly while he is disqualified, and suddenly finds under his head a letter written: “This is evidence of the immortality of Bin Katzir from the fire of Hell.” When he was asked to his wife: “What is charity What Khaled used to do? ”His wife replied:“ He used to recite the prayer of “God is Shelli on Mahamadin – Nabil – Ammi” every Friday 1,000 times (a thousand times). ”(The Book of Guidance of the People)

And God is the flags of Bishwab

Oh God, Shulaia On our master Muhammad, Alaa Ali, Shabihi, and Salem